About Us


About Us

Cotco Plastics Story


In 1988, Cotco Plastics Co., Ltd. was established to produce a diverse range of PVC artificial solid leather, sponge leather, and PVC soft sheet products. Leveraging its own research and development capabilities, the company creates various high-quality products for using in associated manufacturing industries. “COTCO” brand-name products are well-known in the domestic market and have gained a strong reputation through export’s such as Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Dubai, Libya, Sri Lanka, U.K., U.S.A., El Salvador


The company’s plant is situated on a 13-rai (20,800 sqms.) site within the Bang Chan Industrial Estate, Minburi District Bangkok, The facility is equipped with modern production machinery and staffs are experienced professionals. Making it the first artificial leather plant in this area.


“Cotco Plastics’ Success”


At Cotco Plastics, we achieve our objectives not only in terms of quality but also in our responsibilities to customers, the community, and society as described follow;


  1. “Quality”

With over 35 year-experience and 170 skilled employees, Cotco Plastics has garnered recognition for its quality, earning a certified ISO 9001:2015 designation. These quality achievements not only instill confidence in our customers but also contribute to our overall strengths, supporting Thailand’s economy.


  1. “Corporate Responsibilities to Customers and Society”

Cotco Plastics Company has gained trust from leading manufacturing companies across various industries, such as shoes, furniture, football, sports equipment, car seats, and more. Our track record of retaining more than 80% repeat customers stands as evidence of our commitment to consistently serve our clients for over three decades.


Our dedication to caring for the community and society is evident. On October 15, 2013, the company received the ‘Green Operating Level’ certificate from the Green Industry Project by the Ministry of Industry. Moreover, we obtained permission to use the ‘Green Industry Mark’ starting from March 20, 2014. We are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly products and assuming responsibilities toward society and the community by developing manufacturing processes that minimize energy consumption and preserve natural resources. The company’s commitment to societal responsibility is underscored by the following awards:


– “Total Energy Management 2010”: Department of Industrial Promotion & Energy Conservation Center of Japan: ECCJ

– “Best Practice Thermal Energy Management Award 2010”: Department of Industrial Promotion, Thailand

– “MDICP Award 2010”: Department of Industrial Promotion, Thailand


These accolades reflect our ongoing efforts to balance operational excellence with social and environmental responsibilities.