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 “Silent danger caused by bacteria & fungi”

Bacteria & fungi appeared on artificial leather would be significant impacted on health as ell as the environment.Today, may Cotco Plastics presents how bacteria and fungi impact us;

1. Unpleasant odor: Bacteria & fungi in artificial leather furniture can cause unpleasant odors, and affecting the overall living environment.

2. Furniture damage: Bacteria & fungi on artificial leather surface can make furniture lost its beauty and functionality.

3. Health impact: Bacteria & fungi cause various diseases such as diarrhea (Escherichia coli) / abdominal pain, cramps (Staphylococcus aureus).

4. Risk of drug resistance : Bacteria & fungi may develop increase drug when we inhale and it’s more difficult to treat diseases with medication.

To prevent these impacts, it is advisable to regularly clean furniture and maintain cleanliness in home. Alternatively, use synthetic leather products from Cotco Plastics that have Anti-Bacteria properties, and can inhibit bacterial growth up to 99.99%. These products are certified for quality standards, and expert advice is also available.